Care Facility Services is an integrated facility services company that caters to private and government establishments, homeowners and individuals in Brunei. It offers property services such as pest managements, housekeeping, ground maintenance, daily office cleaning, desludging of grease traps, plumbing works and thermal imaging. Current commercial clients include financial institutions like Maybank, Bank Usahawan and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, departmental stores, F&B outlets, embassies and hotels.

Although it operates in a saturated/limited market due to the small population of Brunei Darussalam, it is committed to maintaining 100 percent customer retention. It does this by instilling the “quality over quantity” philosophy to its customers. And ensuring an extensive training program is put into place to sustain quality service. It is notable that while smaller players abound in the market, and are willing to drive prices down, clients, after sampling cost-effective offers from the competition return as customers of Care Facility Services.

Primarily among the services which differentiates Care Facility Services from its competitors is its use of state-of-the-art thermal cameras. Thermal imaging offers a fast, non-destructive and environmentally-friendly way of finding termite infestations, snakes and other pests in houses. Infrared assessment of electrical components checks and identifies potential problems, and is able to identify hot spots resulting from current/resistance relationships, due to loosened connections or component malfunction, thus preventing electrical problems which can lead to expensive shutdown and downtime costs.

The company’s systematic approach to business ensures its stability in periods of economic downturn. Sales trend analysis is conducted monthly, and compared to the previous year’s information. Superior customer service, by way of prompt response to clients, and accurate assessment of their service issues also helps the company’s bottom line, helping it to realize its goal of becoming the number one facility services provider in Brunei in ten years. Currently, the company has already achieved such significant milestones as ISO 9001-20015 certification in 2017, rapid growth in its first three years of operations, and a place in the top three facility services in Brunei Darussalam. Care Facility Services, a locally incorporated company, is the only homegrown brand in the lineup.

Despite being a challenger brand, Care Facility Services believes that widening its business footprint will help it capitalize on market share. It is firmly committed to maintaining quality as it grows, in order to continually put customers first. Innovation, like the introduction of its thermal services, is also a key factor in its competitive edge. The company believes that fast growing technological advancements will help it meet the increasing challenges of client needs.

In its expansion exercise Care Facility Services in banking on right marketing strategies, and staff who are fluent in teamwork and communication. To this end the service provider is investing in training, the identification of good managers to groom to become great leaders, and the continued push for their employees to innovate, be creative and strive for greatness, It will also continue to ensure front line and site employees are trained and developed with a view to satisfying clients’ needs and demands. Understanding and acting on customer feedback is also imperative to the company’s growth, with its management making it a point to discuss comments and brickbats with the team in order to resolve issues.


Though we are a young company, our Directors have been in the industry for a combined 30 years and bring a great deal of experience and knowledge of the Property Services Industry.

Care Facility Services Sdn Bhd has a strong client focus, which is supported by the considerable resources of our staff and associated contractors of which we currently employ.

Care Facility Services Sdn Bhd, Brunei prides itself on improving in the area of
• HSE and Business integrity
• Cost efficiency for its clients
• Investment in new high end technologies and
Innovations one of which is Thermal Imaging.

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